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A small selection of endorsements from our customers...

"...I managed to get in touch with a company called CamperServ and after explaining the problem we were having we were booked in for the day after (Tuesday 7th) to get our problem sorted. The owner was excellent, friendly and welcoming and obviously very knowledgable as our problem was soon isolated to a fauly thermostat which was registering a temperature of 60° when it was only just over 20°, no wonder the heating wasn't coming on. The problem was fixed very quickly by installing a new thermostat and with a parts charge of €10 and €10 for labour we were both well chuffed. CamperServ highly recommended!"
"...We grabbed lunch and then got back on the road to a campervan service shop called Camper Serv we'd read about online. It took a while to find them but we got there in the end. We needed to grab some more toilet fluid and have our water heater looked at. The heater has been blowing fuses every time we try to use it. The very helpful English guy who runs the place figured out it was a faulty cable and managed to dig out a replacement despite the heater being long obsolete, now that's good service! We chatted for a while about life in Portugal while we waited to check that the water heated up. After ten minutes we had super hot water! We certainly don't need it in the current 36 degree weather but down the line I'm sure we'll be very glad of it. recommended!"
"...I would urge you NOT to use the Dometic agents at least as a first port of call. They will almost certainly diagnose a a faulty cooling unit and tell you that it needs replacing at a cost of around £650. Fairly good chance it needs something as simple as taking out and turning upside down for 30 minutes or maybe the chimney needs cleaning out. Go for someone who knows how these fridges work and sadly that is almost never the Dometic Main Agent!!! Suggest at Loule - near Quartera. We have had ours sorted out by them and they seem very genuine as well as knowing what they are doing. Good luck Patrick PS. English run."
"...I went to Camperserve and he fixed it in ten seconds! Didnt even take the grill off the back... The knobs are a bit rubbish and dont push in far enough to heat up the probe hence it goes out. Take knob off and push brass spindle until it is lit - push knob back on for asthetics A guy was in with same problem worsened by the fact he bent the electode over - he now needs a whole new gubbings, fridge out etc etc... "
"...A final update on the topic. We found on t'internet thingy a place in Portugal that had Secumotion regulators in stock so we set off. Camperserv is just off the N125 near Quarteira and have a reasonable ampount of spares. Unfortunately by the time we arrived he had sold out as so many had been failing. However Tommy, the English owner found us a simple GOK regulator which needed a bit of faffing about as it w€20 for the hour of labour that the job took with all the faffing about."
"...Brief update. The circuit board went, just like yours Barneyinn. Only two months out of warranty, darn it! I have emailed Alde to request a refund, time will tell if they will help out. Still at least we have hot water and heating again. Full marks to Tom at Camperserv, who fixed the problem for us. Essential really as we are on a site without facilities. "